We have two target groups within the activities of Joint Civic Education, i.e. fellows of the five Country Programs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey and fellows of the cross-border Social Leader Forum.

Country Programs

In our five Country Programs our fellows, aged between 18 and 24 (in some cases 28), are (or want to become) young activists in the field of ecology, community activism, gender, tolerance and minority issues, volunteerism and youth activism whose lives are centered in the Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia (North Caucasus) and Turkey (Eastern Anatolia).

Cross-Border Social Leader Forum

In our cross-border Social Leader Forum our fellows are professional civil society activists living in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia (North Caucasus) and Turkey. They are interested in sharing their knowledge and enhancing their skills through collaboration with likeminded colleagues, and who are willing to start long-term cross-border cooperation.

They are active in the fields of human rights, child and youth care, peace building, protection of nature & and the environment, LGBT rights, community development, alternative culture and arts, conflict transformation, gender equality, interethnic and interfaith dialogue, minority issues, anticorruption, active citizenship education and other related fields.

For more detailed information please check the respective programs.